What we do

Westcotec, based in Dereham, Norfolk, specialises in vehicle activated signs, manufacturing products and developing new technology to help keep people safe on our roads.

We offer a wide range of energy efficient vehicle activated signs, fixed and portable in standard or bespoke designs, which come guaranteed with continued technical support from our specialists.

Our products are first class, we’re happy to state they are not the cheapest on the market, and customers can be reassured that they are not built down to a price but up to a standard.

Our products are accredited with CE marks and all other mandatory relevant specifications have been met or exceeded, again giving clients confidence in that they are purchasing products which are safe and legal.

Leaders in activated speed signs

Since 2001 we have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of quality vehicle activated signs in the country. At the heart of our growth is a commitment to customer service. We aim to make the purchase process as smooth as possible and free advice is always available from our experienced staff.

LED & Radar technology

Using state of the art LED and radar technology, we are able to provide effective solutions to most traffic related safety problems. Through continued development, we have exceeded the latest European performance standards.


“Westcotec recently installed a rider-activated warning light system on a dangerous stretch of road in Upper Lambourn on behalf of West Berkshire Council, Lambourn Parish Council and Jockey Club Estates. The warning lights, which through a clever toggle switch can be activated safely by riders on horseback; serve to warn motorists that racehorses are about to approach the road from two blind exits, where motorist’s visibility is impaired by tree canopies and sweeping bends on either approach. The Westcotec engineers were very professional and carried out the work promptly and efficiently. I am happy to recommend Westcotec as designers and installers of high-tech traffic safety systems.”

Will Riggall
Operational Manager
Jockey Club Estates


”May I express my appreciation of the working relationship which has developed between my officers and your staff. I am particularly pleased with the recent introduction of the high profile scheme on the Shoby bends which clearly demonstrates the benefits of client/supplier collaboration in product development.”

Mike Hay
Group Manager
Leicestershire County Council

”Our experience has been very positive. While not always everything has been problem free, we have been impressed by the consistently high levels of customer care and commitment to resolving any technical problems rapidly. Also, the level of feedback while the work is in hand has been very good.”

Antony Kirkwood
Assistant Principle Engineer
Oxfordshire County Council

”We have used Westcotec on numerous occasions and both their service and products have always been extremely efficient.”

Jo Edwards
Senior Safety Engineer
Warwickshire County Council

”Very good service – overall excellent. Wouldn’t use any other manufacturer for vehicle activated signs.”

Chris Round
Senior Traffic Technician
Warwickshire County Council

”Very good service provided by your company – everyone I deal with is very helpful- nothing but praise.”

A.J. Bradford
Traffic Engineer
Devon County Council

”We have received a very professional and reliable service and are happy to continue to use Westcotec products.”

Andrew Garratt
Principal Traffic & Road Safety Engineer
West Berkshire Council

Westcotec and the environment

We work to protect the environment by providing energy efficient products and offsetting our carbon footprint through a tree planting programme.

Our environmental policy ensures we operate within regulations and codes of practice, which sets a minimum standard for environmental practices.

As a major producer of road signs, we benefit the environment by helping improve traffic management, reducing speed and raising levels of road safety.

However, we realise our operations and travel will impact the environment and we aim to offset this in a number of ways:

  • Encouraging use of and development of energy efficient technology
  • Improve recycling and reduce waste to landfill
  • Invest in low-carbon emission vehicles in our fleet
  • Ensure premises operates as energy efficient as possible
  • Invest in low-energy IT equipment

We also support the following environmental organisations

  • Greenpeace
  • Songbird Trust
  • Butterfly Conservation Trust
  • Rambler’s Association
  • Plantlife
  • RSPB
  • Woodland Trust
  • The National Trust
  • Friends of the Earth
  • English Heritage

Supported Charities

We recognise our company can have a positive impact in the community and help to do good, which is why we support a number of charities.

Westcotec has and continues to support the following charities and plays an active role in sponsoring events.

  • Nelson’s Journey
  • Great Ormond Street
  • MacMillan Cancer
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Big C
  • SERV Norfolk