Westcotec are proud to employ enthusiastic, dedicated and forward-thinking individuals to continually grow our product range and challenge industry limits. Many employees have worked within the company for many years developing new technologies, designed to keep people safe on our roads. The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience of our products and the industry, enabling us to provide a smooth and professional experience for all our clients.


Chris Spinks
Managing Director


Dave Smith
Technical Director


Rich Bailey
Director & Head of Operations


Olly Samways
Head of Sales & Marketing

Paul McAllister
Workshop Representative

Will Spinks – Sales & Marketing
Joanna Pilarska – Sales & Marketing Administrator
Wendy Parkhouse – Sales Administration
Karen Falla – Company Secretary 
Tim James
– Senior Technician
Dom Grzyb – Research and Development Engineer
John Butlin – Production Technician
Jack Young – Production Technician
Mitch Young – Production Technician
Alan Reid – Production Technician

Matt Clark – Production Technician
Jakub Caruk – Production Technician
Ed Navrady – Production Technician
Terry Sturgeon – Production Technician
Paul Young – Contract Manager (Street Lighting)
Roy Payne – Street Lighting and Training Manager
Malin Hayton – Street Lighting Installation
Dan Vaughan – Street Lighting Installation
Nigel Vaughan – Street Lighting Installation

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