A ‘FLIRst’ for Westcotec – Junction Safety Scheme


Westcotec have recently installed and commissioned the first junction safety scheme on the B6532 in Durham using FLIR detectors which use wireless communications to trigger 750mm staggered junction warning triangles with TURNING TRAFFIC and corner amber flashers.

Paul Storey from Durham County Council initially contacted Westcotec for consultation on the types of systems available which would help to reduce accidents. Sales and Technical team members met with Paul on site to design a system and advise on post/equipment locations.

The detectors, which were set up by Westcotec after a two-day training course with FLIR in Bruges at the end of March, identify when a vehicle is approaching the give way line onto the main road, as well as detecting vehicles waiting in the middle of the main road before turning onto the side road.

As soon as a vehicle is detected within these areas the signs are sent a wireless signal, lowering the speed threshold and illuminating the display.

Durham CC also requested that the sign should illuminate for overspeed vehicles regardless of whether there was a vehicle waiting to either pull out onto the main road or pull off the main road onto the side road.

If you would like to discuss your safety scheme and use free consultation from our experienced staff please don’t hesitate to call on 01362 853124 or email sales@www.westcotec.co.uk