Portable Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Westcotec have developed a fully portable Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, which is incredibly efficient in reducing speeds on public roads and also private sites.

The unit can be battery powered, giving it the ability to be moved around multiple locations to obtain maximum benefit and coverage from the ANPR system, however mains and solar powered options are also available. The effectiveness of the Portable ANPR system is highlighted through the use of the number plate images that are stored securely on the unit. Using it’s own wi-fi connection, the unit can connect securely to a laptop and the images can be accessed through our dedicated viewing software. Alternatively, the data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet. This data can then be used to process Speedwatch Warning Letters.

Colour image and black & white image options are both available.

Additionally, the ANPR camera can be coupled with a Speed Indicator Device (SID), which gives the driver a warning as to what speed they are travelling at. This gives an opportunity to speeding motorists to lower their speed from up to 100 metres prior to the SID. If they choose to ignore the message telling them to Slow Down, an image is taken. This has proven to be of particular importance to areas in which locals believe the cameras are ‘out to get them’. With a prior warning before any image is recorded, disagreements are rarely seen.

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