Loop Activated Signs

Motorcycle warning system

uses loops in the road which are specifically configured to detect a speeding motorcycle and display a warning sign located further down the road, making the rider aware of their current speed.The loop detection kit is kept in a feeder pillar next to the where the loops have been cut, with radio transmitter on an adjacent post, and the receiver on the sign. This reduces costs due to not requiring any digging for the communication between the loops and sign, as long as the radios are within range and have a clear view between one another. A free site visit is recommended to ensure maximum benefit and suitability.

Oncoming vehicle warning system

This system has been proved to be highly effective within the motorcycling community, making the rider aware of hazards and relative speed which ensures a safer journey for all.This system has been designed to warn drivers of a narrowing road ahead where large vehicles are often forced onto the opposite side of the road.A sign is placed in both directions of the narrowing road. The same scenario is taken into consideration on both approaches, meaning that whichever way the large vehicle is coming from, the oncoming driver will always be warned. The sign face only shows when a large vehicle is detected using loops in the road.

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