Smart Benches


City classic is a modern bench providing most important features. It caters to the needs of cities and their inhabitants by providing both comfortable resting infrastructure as well as smart features such as mobile device charger, smart Wi-Fi and LED backlight.

Example locations: modern squares,promenades, office plazas.


Solar bench FUTURE for outdoor and indoor installation. In standard configuration, solar bench is equipped with: Autonomous, green power source – PV panel; Electronic system and accessories, which allows:

  • Charging batteries of electronic devices (smart phones, tablets etc.) by 4
  • USB ports
  • LED illumination;

Example locations: airports, stations, city centres, malls, office spaces.


The Urban family benches are external benches designed for use in open space, outside buildings. Each solar bench in a standard configuration is equipped with an autonomous, ecological power source – photovoltaic panel, electronic system and accessories enabling:

  • Charging battery of electronic devices through 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Use of a wireless network
  • Telemetry module

Example locations: parks, plazas, city squares.


Our Smart Benches are equipped with a variety of safety features

Tempered Glass
a layer covering solar panels

Attached to the ground

Steel Casing
Resistant to vandalism

Safe Internet
P2P and adult site blocking

Remote module control
Online monitoring

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