Smart Solar Powered Automatic Hand Sanitising Stations

  • Sensor is placed under the nozzles to automatically dispense fluid when hands are detected
  • Unique design
  • Highest quality of materials used
  • Easy ‘bolt down’ design with no connection to any existing infrastructure required
  • Mains power option available
  • 10 litre hand sanitiser capacity
  • Cloud access for remote measurement of liquid level
  • Email alerts can be set up for when levels become low
  • 1 nozzle and 2 nozzle options available
  • USB ports for charging mobile devices
  • E-paper ‘InfoKiosk’ option available with audio module
  • Easily accessed service door

Four variations of Automatic Hand Sanitising station with a range of features to suit every requirement

Parks and Outdoor spaces

Schools and Universities

Office and Commercial spaces

Train stations, Bus stations and Airports

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