Westcotec in Orkney

Westcotec have been working alongside Orkney Council to deliver a road safety initiative on the islands roads

A working partnership between Westcotec and Orkney Council was established 18 months ago after a meeting which took place at the Scottish Road Safety Expo. The main criteria of the project was to reduce the speeds of vehicles at the same time as covertly recording speed data.

A number of options were presented to Orkney Council with an outcome that a Speed Indicator Device (SID) with Thank You/ Slow Down messages would produce the greatest impact. This sign was enabled to record every vehicles speed with a date and time stamp.

It was also decided upon that the signs would be relocated every few months in order to increase the area covered to target speeding motorists; thus giving a wider range of collected speed data.

Utilising the software package, traffic flows are recorded which shows peak times of flow and average speeds (85th percentile speeds) on different days and at different times of the day.

Being in Orkney, these Westcotec signs will be operational in some of the British Isles’ harshest conditions, including locations within close proximity to sea spray.

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