Westcotec support TISPOL Project EDWARD

Traffic Safety Systems company Westcotec is proud to be a supporter of TISPOL’s Project EDWARD . For those of you that don’t know this is an annual event led by the European Roads Policing Network TISPOL with the aim of achieving a European Day Without A Road Death. It is being held on 21st September this year.

One of our sales team Chris Spinks is a former senior Roads Policing officer in the UK and has been involved with TISPOL for several years he has witnessed first hand the excellent work done in coordination of campaigns across Europe , promoting the sharing of best practice in casualty reduction and road legislation enforcement.

We delighted to be in a position to now promote the work of TISPOL through the company allowing us to participate in financial support for Project EDWARD.The Project sits squarely alongside Westcotec’s aims to increase road safety and reduce casualties on the roads


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