Bespoke Signs.

Westcotec do more than just vehicle activated signs. These signs can be activated by weather conditions, height sensors, triggers from a large variety of external sources, and a growing range currently in development. With the design of new products, we hope that our market will expand, bringing new customers whom we are more than happy to work with.

We have a proven track record producing innovative designs and state of the art systems, keeping ourselves one step ahead of the competition. Our declared aim is to bring the technology of the future, to today’s roads. In depth discussions with clients on their specific requirements has enabled Westcotec to gain the most comprehensive experience with road safety systems in England.

Our signs have been engineered in such a way that each one is principally the same. This is why our design team are able to create signs which have never been made before in remarkable time. For instance, changing the language of a sign for any country.

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