Automatic Speed Watch Camera

The Westcotec Automatic Speed Watch Camera (ASWC) has been specifically designed for the automation of traditional Speed Watch sessions carried out by volunteers within the community.

The device itself, including license free software, was designed in collaboration with Police forces across the UK to ensure its usability and suitability.

Once deployed, a simple set up process using a Windows laptop allows for fast recording of over speed vehicles registration details, together with date & time stamp, speed, and by using a DVLA plug in, the make, model and colour of the offending vehicle.

Westcotec are pleased to be working alongside Police Forces, Speed Watch Groups and Parish Councils to supply this equipment with the aim to reduce vehicle speeds and ultimately the chance of fatalities due to speeding on the road network.

The unit is Made in Britain accredited and is portable battery powered and tripod mounted to allow for rapid deployment and relocation.