Westcotec manufacture a range of ANPR systems that have been designed to be lightweight, fully portable, and rapidly deployed with speed radar to detect and record oncoming over speed vehicles.

A simple set up method and options of deployment such as tripod or post mounting gives the camera unique versatility based on the requirement.

Once set up, either remotely or wirelessly on-site, the camera will take an image of all over vehicles over the set speed threshold which is changeable, with a speed recording, Vehicle Registration Number (VRN), date and time stamp.

An optional DVLA plug in allows for automatic field entry of make and colour.

A range of power options are available from battery, mains, solar and/or wind.

Vehicle Registration Numbers (VRN’s) can also be sent in real-time to an illuminated sign, warning of over speed, or entries to car parks.

Westcotec ANPR camera systems are Made in Britain accredited.

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