Zebrite Beacons.

Westcotec are the exclusive supplier of Zebrite Belisha Beacons.

The original Zebrite Beacon is installed at zebra crossings, utilising the combination of excellent optical performance, robust aluminium construction and easy, quick installation which have made this made in Britain product the leading LED beacon of choice in the UK.

The key features of upgrading to a Zebrite beacon are Improved conspicuity, reduced energy consumption, dimmable to reduce light pollution and neighbour nuisance, maintenance free LED design, and retrofittable to existing sites without excavation or post replacement.

A straight swap for old style beacons can be a rapid and effective way of enhancing zebra crossings in residential and urban areas.

The all LED design means zero maintenance and 100,000 hour lamp life, with tough cast aluminium construction and secure concealed post fitment.

Requiring zero excavation, the Zebrite beacon fits to existing posts in under 10 minutes.

This product is available with a range of accessories to enable quick and easy fitting to existing sites and new crossings.

Offering next day delivery, we can give an instant response to safety concerns.

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