Collision Avoidance System – C.A.S

The Collision Avoidance System (C.A.S) warns motorists of the potential hazards at cross roads and intersections, but only when vehicles are waiting to cross or join the main road.

We use a variety of state of the art sensors and the latest digital radio technology, all conveniently and easily mounted on the give way sign post on the side road. This combination of detectors, and no dig communications, monitors vehicles waiting to enter or cross the main road, and enables the radar inside the vehicle activated sign (VAS) on either side of the main road junction. The VAS will not display if there are no hazardous conditions present. The VAS can be programmed to respond to vehicles exceeding an upper speed limit, even if there are no vehicles waiting to cross, as well as a lower limit when vehicles are waiting. This system provides a timely warning to drivers alerting them of potential hazards, should any waiting vehicles emerge.